Limited Warranty

Chilly Cold Plunges - Limited Warranty Terms for Home Use Only

Chilly LLC ("Chilly"), extends the following 2-Year Limited Warranty, which applies only to non-commercial, in-home, or residential use of all cold plunge models sold under the Chilly brand. The warranty includes replacing parts shown to have defects in materials or workmanship of any parts manufactured or supplied by Chilly and/or its manufacturers. This warranty covers manufacturing defects or malfunctions that arise during normal use conditions.

The Chilly Bath (previously the Chilly Tub)

For our white acrylic, tub-style cold plunges, Chilly guarantees the assembly workmanship, including the plumbing fittings and hoses, for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. The white tub and chiller, however, are not covered by Chilly and instead carry a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from Vanity Art LLC and Shenzhen Bropool Industrial Co., Ltd on behalf of Shenzhen Syochi Electronics Co. Ltd, respectively.

Other Cold Plunge Models

For all other cold plunge units sold by Chilly, the warranty extends for 2 years from the date of purchase, covering the unit except for the integrated chillers and control screens. The chillers and control screens are covered by a 1-year warranty provided directly by Shenzhen Bropool Industrial Co., Ltd on behalf of Shenzhen Syochi Electronics Co. Ltd.

Additional Terms

This warranty (including manufacture warranties) does not cover damage due to poor water chemistry, neglected filter care and replacement, environmental conditions (i.e., rain, wind, sun, temperature, humidity), freezing weather, power outages, lack of attention to low (or no) water flow, running the chiller without sufficient water or while frozen, or any other form of neglect, misuse, or abuse. Specific other exclusions apply, as further described in this Limited Warranty.

All other items sold by Chilly but not named under this warranty are warrantied for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, except for chilling units and control screens, which are warrantied through the chiller manufacturer (Shenzhen Syochi Electronics Co. Ltd) for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

The Limited Warranty applies only to the original purchaser (or original owner for a product presented as a gift). In addition, it only covers defects to Chilly cold plunges and parts discovered within the applicable Limited Warranty period. 

Please be advised that Chilly LLC is the retailer and does not manufacturer the acrylic tubs, fully integrated cold plunges, or related chillers listed and/or sold on our website.

Consequently, any warranty claims for components or units not directly manufactured by Chilly, including requests for servicing, parts, or replacements, must be addressed to the respective manufacturers: Shenzhen Bropool Industrial Co., Ltd for fully integrated cold plunges, Shenzhen Bropool Industrial Co., Ltd on behalf of Shenzhen Syochi Electronics Co. Ltd for chillers, and Vanity Art LLC for acrylic tubs.

While Chilly is prepared to assist in the processing of warranty claims with the manufacturer, we are not responsible or liable for issuing refunds, providing parts, or performing any repair services under this warranty for any components or units not manufactured by Chilly, such as chilling units or fully integrated cold plunges.

Customers may be required to register their product with the manufacturer or provide proof of purchase and/or delivery date to validate the manufacturer's warranty. Chilly will provide assistance with warranty claims but is not responsible for issuing refunds or performing repairs for any products not directly manufactured by Chilly.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

For service under this Limited Warranty, please contact us at Please provide us with the following information: name of the purchaser, proof of purchase, dated receipt, item purchased, and details of failure. Submit Claims within the specified warranty period.

Chilly is able to handle most warranty issues via email or phone with one of our Chilly technicians. Chilly will help facilitate requesting the part(s) from the manufacturer if a repair covered under this warranty is necessary, but the customer is responsible for any shipping-related costs. The customers perform most repairs/component replacements. In cases where the customer cannot complete the necessary repairs, Chilly and/or the manufacturer at their discretion, will pay up to $50 per hour, for a maximum of 3 hours, for an approved general service provider to perform the necessary repairs.  

Chilly will continue to offer reasonable phone support for issues occurring after the expiration of the warranty period as it sees fit. However, the customer will be 100% responsible for any associated costs, such as parts, labor, shipping, etc., after the expiration of the applicable warranty period. 

Warranty Service Performance:

Chilly and/or the manufacturer reserves the right to determine whether replacement or repair of a covered part or item is necessary. The remainder of the original Limited Warranty period covers any component(s) repaired or replaced under this warranty. Additional travel fees, in rural areas, for service by an approved general service provider are not covered and are the customer's responsibility.

The customer may also choose to fly out a technician from the Chilly team to perform repairs, which in most cases is cheaper than shipping costs associated with having the plunge shipped back and forth to our facility. Our team will work with the customer directly to arrange the most reasonable flight, hotel, and ground transportation to help minimize this cost. 

The manufacturer may, at its discretion, either provide a replacement tub (of equal value) or have the tub shipped to its repair facility for repairs if Chilly is unable to complete covered warranty repairs on-site. The customer will be responsible for any tub removal costs associated with repairing or installing a replacement tub, as well as any associated shipping costs in any direction. The remainder of the original Limited Warranty period covers any repaired or replaced tub under this warranty.

Use of Natural Wood in Products:

Natural red cedar wood is utilized for several elements of our cold plunges. Given that wood is a naturally occurring material, it might exhibit variations in color, grain patterns, and certain irregularities. Rather than being seen as flaws, these variations highlight the wood's intrinsic charm.

When positioned outdoors, the wood, even with optimal treatments, may experience some wear due to weather conditions. If neglected, wood is prone to dents, scratches, mold, discoloration, and similar natural damage. Please contact our team at for recommended products to help protect your plunge from the elements when housed outdoors. 

Various features of our cold plunges are crafted by hand using red cedar, and as such, they may exhibit slight differences in dimensions, contour, and finish. As we continually refine our designs to better cater to our clientele, some discrepancies in angles, features, and minor specifics might be observed when compared to the images displayed on our product pages. While we prioritize sourcing top-tier wood, any natural imperfections or typical wear are not included under our warranty.

Condensation & Minor Leaks or Drips:

Users should be aware that condensation is a natural occurrence when cold water runs through hoses in environments that are not cold. This may manifest as what seems to be a "leak" due to the accumulation of condensation, which can subsequently drip from certain points.

This is not indicative of a product defect or malfunction. Any puddles formed from such drips are expected to evaporate naturally over time. Therefore, condensation and minor drips from the plunge are not considered product faults and are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

To help provide additional insulation around metal fittings (e.g., hose to tub connections) and reduce condensation, customers may choose to apply non-staining plumbers putty around the connection points.

If you believe you have a consistent small drip not related to condensation, and rather a specific fitting, please contact us for instructions on how to seal your connections with waterproof silicone to prevent further leaks.

Warranty Limitations & Exclusions:

This warranty does not cover the water filter or the loss of the water filter housing O-ring during the filter replacement process. Replacement filters and Filter Housing O-rings are available for purchase, but replacement is entirely the customer’s responsibility.

Rust, corrosion, mold, discoloration and other forms of weathering from indoor or outdoor environmental conditions are not covered under this warranty, as these are considered normal wear and tear and are out of our control. To help prevent these, we recommend using a weatherproof cover over the unit, cleaning the unit regularly, and maintaining a light coat of oil on the exterior metal year-round.

Please contact our team at for recommended products to help protect your plunge from the elements when housed outdoors. 

This Limited Warranty does not provide coverage for items purchased separately, such as oil and dirt buoys, sanitizer sticks, protective covers, or any other article not included with the original tub purchase.

This warranty is automatically void if Chilly, the manufacturer, or a designated representative determines that the product has been altered, abused, neglected, or in any other way improperly used or treated. The customer is responsible for regular maintenance of the product. Any problems or failures arising from failure to provide proper maintenance, water chemistry/balance will void this warranty. Using improper or harsh cleaning agents will also void this warranty. This warranty will be void if the customer uses any replacement parts or accessories not genuine or original to the unit or provided by the manufacturer.

This warranty is valid for in-home & residential use only and only applies to units sold and operated in the United States of America (this does include all 50 US States, but not any US Territories outside of the 50 US States). Any commercial use of this product will automatically void this warranty. This warranty does not cover repairs performed by someone who Chilly has not approved to perform such repairs. The tub owner accepts full liability for any repairs provided by someone not approved by Chilly.

The total liability of Chilly LLC, its affiliates, and/or the manufacturer, for any claims arising from a defect in the product or component covered under this warranty, shall be limited to the lesser of the purchase price or the replacement price of the product or component, excluding any shipping costs.

Chilly LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, such as damages incurred during freight or any other indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use the cold plunge. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of use. Chilly LLC and its affiliates disclaim any liability for personal injury or loss that arises from any defect covered under this limited warranty, regardless of any prior knowledge of the possibility of such damages.

This limited warranty is the exclusive warranty given by Chilly, its affiliates, and the manufacturer and supersedes any prior, contrary, or additional representations. All other warranties, express or implied, including any statutory warranty or condition of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed except to the extent prohibited by law. In such an event, such warranty is limited to the duration of the warranty periods set forth above. This exclusion applies even if this warranty fails its essential purposes and regardless of whether damages are sought for breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, or strict liability in tort or under any other legal theory. In no event is Chilly LLC or its affiliates liable for any other form of damages, whether direct, indirect, liquidated, incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary, or special damages, including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of anticipated savings, or revenue, loss of income, loss of business, loss of production, loss of opportunity or loss of reputation. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.